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  • Gulag boxfights update + CR-56 weapon build


    I put in a storm and gulag shutdown timer to speed the match up and fix a few critical bugs for Dairy Carton Boxfights. It's still not entirely bug-free, will revise it down the line, but also, I hosted a 1,500-value skin giveaway with my friend Flewidz. You can see the entirety of it here, along with a few gaffs during the beginning.

    As well, I updated the CoD: Warzone article page with an in-depth article covering the CR-56. It's my first posted weapon build.

    One last thing: after noticing on DairyTube some channel posting a bunch of Urdu episodes up, I decided to limit everyone's accounts to using 1 GB only for video storage - to help save on site bandwidth. Also took down those episodes.