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    The Dance Floor - 16

    [linkstandalone] After a while, a new chapter. Sat, 19 Dec 2020 13:19:24 +0000

    Dairy Zone Wars - Trailer

    Mon, 14 Dec 2020 06:20:35 +0000

    The Inner World • Antonioni tribute


    This video is also available on DairyTube.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2020 17:01:34 +0000

    Tenet (Nolan film) vs. Simplicity

    "An idiot admires complexity. A genius admires simplicity." -- Terry A. Davis (creator of TempleOS)

    TENET is a movie that's been hailed to save cinema from the ailments of internet streaming services and coronavirus. In this age of remakes and franchises, the studios have spent $200 million on Nolan's new darling, hoping that he will churn out another mind-blowing original winner.

    When people see From Christopher Nolan on the trailer, it's like a Pavlovian dog being trained to saliviate on hearing a bell ring. "Oh, I was confused AF until I saw Nolan's name, now I'm mega-hyped!"

    But does that make TENET a good movie?

    What I've described is just the marketing layer, which Nolan capitalizes upon with cryptic mystery around a central concept. Remember when you first heard of Inception, and people initially thought it was about a reality-warping paraplegic? At the end of the day though, when the hype is past, the story and the actual substance is what you stay for -- and this is where the movie falls flat.

    The problem is three-fold: the audio-dialogue mixing sucks, the characters were cold, exposition MacGuffins, and (what concerns us here) the incredibly convoluted plot which arises out of the time inversion idea.

    It's not programming, it's TENET!

    Stories about time travel can get very, very messy. Take a look at Primer (2004) for example, when you see two technicians accidently discover backwards Time Travel, and they use it to get themselves ahead -- only for things to go terribly awry. But what Primer does right, and what Tenet with all its loud, blaring music and sound fails to do, is captivate the viewer despite all the timey-wimey messiness. You saw how Aaron and Abe's relationship fell apart, and the sense of existential crisis they came to face over time travel. Primer gave you only momentary glimpeses into the entire story, but there WAS a genuine story about friendship, deceit and betrayal once you saw the events as a whole.

    "I don't agree with having clear dialogue, especially for dem substandard theatres!"

    With Tenet, the story just boils down to "Saving the world from Temporal Bad Guy, and turns out the Protagonist was behind everything all along! It's fated!" There were internet commentators who did the job of explaining the tangled movie, but as soon as I understood Tenet's plot, I realised it simply WASN'T interesting, and it was a real waste of time when I hoped while watching the movie, at some point, it would kinda come together, like when Inception got us into those dream-heist layers.

    The terrible.. erm, REVOLUTIONARY! sound mixing just served to obfuscate the audience's understanding, with the end result that people were scratching their heads "Huh?" while the middlebrow fanboys could pat themselves on the back, anallly keeping track of each event and plot point so they could proclaim that this movie is nothing short of a MASTERPIECE!

    What happened to the grounded relatability of Leonard Shelby, who had to deal with his life without memory context? Or the in-depth rivalry between Robert Angier and Alfred Borden? Is it just sheer coincidence that the movies I love the most from Nolan happen to have a tense, low-key score from David Julyan -- as opposed to Hans Zimmer's blaring drones?

    Even in the Dark Knight Rises, I loved this scene where Alfred pulls all the stops from Bruce risking it all:

    No humanity of this sort exists in Tenet, and for all the video reviewers who pour over the "intricate clockwork" that amounts to a toaster, you would long for a story anyone could connect with, before even thinking of trying to mind-blow them with ideas.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2020 16:55:25 +0000

    Revising DairyTube - deleting users


    Initially, I thought of DairyTube as some YouTube alternative that may or may not blow up, and I saw signups of users who'd post an initial batch of videos.. I've recently looked at DairyTube, and decided it would be more efficient and cost-effective if I restricted it to sharing videos from myself and people who I know.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2020 16:18:00 +0000

    Biden's Win on the 2020 American Election


    President-Elect Joe Biden will be 78 by his 2021 inauguration. After his first four-year term, he'll be 82, and if he gets another win, he'll be 86. I'd like to believe that lifespans are extendable, but honestly, you are asking someone already on the verge of decrepit to be PRESIDENT, to lead a country and protect it from enemy forces.

    This fact would raise an eyebrow by itself. But there's been talk about major reform under the new Democratic rule - to the point where it would be impossible for anyone who voices otherwise to be even heard. Under the new rule, you'll have to kneel over what they want you to believe. It has been in the stages of happening for a while now, with Twitter taking it upon itself to police and "face-check" tweets to prevent the flow of any "misinformation." What a word that has been thrown around so often, much like being called a "racist." It is not too hard to imagine in the future, any "misinformation" would have to be quietly purged, followed by sessions of racial sensitivity training.

    The ultimate goal? To ensure a permanent rule by Democrats, as an effective one-party state (like China, Russia, or other sketchy totalitarian places with "Democratic People's Republic" in their name). In the past, the Democrats have encouraged open borders with immigrants, who would then put votes for their party in return, and now, like an anxious person who's jumped the gun, they have jammed their foot in the door over claiming victory -- even while voting strangeness has happened in PLAIN SIGHT.

    Joe Biden is the mild-mannered face of the party. But through him, you'll be seeing the agendas of all the privacy invading mega-corporations who have donated millions to the party, the Black Lives Matter protesters who smash buildings and set fire to the streets, the passive-aggressive vitriol of Nancy Pelosi -- and above all, allowing Kamela Harris to govern as the first black female president of America.

    You are not living in a time of peace. You are living in a state of TOTAL WAR against everything that the original founders of America have envisioned -- to be the country where people should be free to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness under God's unalienable Rights.. and not a country that is communist in all but name. They are snatching a fair election away from you behind closed doors and shut windows, and people are cheering in the streets.

    Sun, 08 Nov 2020 06:50:31 +0000

    New article: Love Rats from Algeria


    After a while with no updates, and with an occurrance in my life which happened recently to a friend of mine, I'm sharing this article so you or your friends don't get scammed.

    This is not an easy read. But the truth rarely is easy to swallow.

    Sun, 18 Oct 2020 03:34:53 +0000

    An anecdote on game enjoyment/design


    October 2002:

    If there is a place where players can exploit gaining experience, items, currency or reputation, then that's precisely what players will do, because they always take the path of least resistance. Since MMO content is measured in months, not hours, the content is paradoxically daunting, so any shortcut to the top will become the most popular route, even if it isn't fun. And if a game's path of least resistance isn't fun, it means the game isn't fun. Lazy or inexperienced game developers blame players for "ruining" a game with aberrant behaviour, but these accusations are like dog owners blaming their pets for eating unhealthy scraps.

    Fri, 11 Sep 2020 19:18:44 +0000

    Don't support 'Halal' food


    (Note: this is a copy of a post I made on my YouTube channel. Putting it up here in case they take it down for Islamophobia.)

    With this post, I'll probably alienate a few dozen of my subscribers.. but I have to say it anyway. If you've been to food places like Subway, where they announce that their food is "Halal" -- that religious word meaning "permissible," I would advise you to stop supporting them and go eat someplace else. Don't buy any food from the store that is "Halal"-approved.

    And why? What is the deal with "Halal" that is reprehensible? Surely, "Halal" is showing tolerance in our multiculturalist society, for the Islamists, just like it is with "kosher" food for Judaism? Except.. no it isn't.

    Halal food -- meat in particular, is nothing special. It's just meat, but the animal from which the meat originates from has to be treated according with Islamic law. This means the way the animal is treated as it's alive (i.e. it must be allowed to roam free, it cannot witness suffering of its brethren), down to the very method in which the animal is killed to produce the meat. The end result is still meat on the table.. but meat which conforms with religious superstition, and something that has gradually been imposed on everyone in modern society, so businesses wouldn't lose money with the Islamic minority who wouldn't buy otherwise.

    I don't support Halal because it is a facet of Sharia law. The same law which dictates that women are just property of men (and nothing more), the same law which says homosexuals only deserve death, and that to even think otherwise is FORBIDDEN. If you try speaking up against this -- you'd be slapped with the labels "Racist" (religion has nothing to do with your race), "Islamaphobic" (phobia is an irrational fear of something), so on and so forth. A student wrote criticism of Halal in an essay, and got disqualified over it.

    In today's climate, which advocates for "tolerance" and "acceptance" of people and different identities no matter what, the irony of allowing a religion which is anything but -- a religion which when practiced in full, leads to utter barbarism. How many times would you hear about things like rape, honour killings, or backwoodish places (ISIS), and see people go, "No no no, that's not really part of Islam"? How far would you accept, down to the choice of wearing a hijab or suffering excruciating blows? To allowing Islam and Mohammed's teachings at schools in a place like the UK or America? It's been said that religion is an absolute and fundamental cornerstone of a civilization, and that if you allow it to be eroded or changed, the civilization disappears, as was the case of the Mayans who are all but forgotten, or the Romans who, despite their great achievements, are wiped off the face of the Earth.

    Nobody back then in the 1990s or the 2000s had to slap "Halal" onto their business or products, and all the "Halal" certifications you see now, with the unwritten pressure to accept it or be a social pariah, is a result of our current society's decadence.. like a drunken person, so afraid of racism, and so spineless, who ends up bowing down to the demands of his more brutish neighbor.

    Don't support Halal. Hell, put pork products over Halal-certified ones. Islam won't allow you to eat pork "because [pigs] have a split hoof, but does not chew the cud," if that really means anything.

    Thu, 20 Aug 2020 11:06:09 +0000

    Added a page on meditation

    [linkstandalone] If you're looking to relax, give your brain a spa bath and come back out with increased creativity and overall happiness (it only takes 20-30 minutes to do), check this page out. Fri, 14 Aug 2020 20:17:45 +0000

    Dance Floor - part 15


    After two months, The Dance Floor, part 15, is up now. Sometimes in the middle of a story, you lose momentum over all the established details and plot points, but it's necessary to remind yourself why you were excited when writing.

    Mon, 10 Aug 2020 06:03:33 +0000

    'Is this what heaven looks like?'

    You're welcome.
    Sat, 08 Aug 2020 04:01:00 +0000

    Some new projects~


    I've posted some new tidbits to the projects page. They are some Linux-related projects that I've been meaning to share, but haven't gotten around to doing until now. The projects are hosted on GitHub, meaning you can clone the sources and compile/install them yourself. Enjoy!

    Fri, 31 Jul 2020 22:30:17 +0000

    Gulag boxfights update + CR-56 weapon build


    I put in a storm and gulag shutdown timer to speed the match up and fix a few critical bugs for Dairy Carton Boxfights. It's still not entirely bug-free, will revise it down the line, but also, I hosted a 1,500-value skin giveaway with my friend Flewidz. You can see the entirety of it here, along with a few gaffs during the beginning.

    As well, I updated the CoD: Warzone article page with an in-depth article covering the CR-56. It's my first posted weapon build.

    One last thing: after noticing on DairyTube some channel posting a bunch of Urdu episodes up, I decided to limit everyone's accounts to using 1 GB only for video storage - to help save on site bandwidth. Also took down those episodes.

    Thu, 30 Jul 2020 05:44:49 +0000

    New updates - Fortnite maps and others


    So, I've made a section for my Fortnite maps under the Projects section. I've put in a Warzone page under Articles too, where I'll be sharing builds and tactics.

    Behind the scenes, I've adapted Luke Smith's lb (used for posting to updates + XML) to help manage the content of pages which get frequent updates, so it speeds the process of putting new stuff up.

    Stay tuned for more..

    Tue, 28 Jul 2020 00:26:26 +0000

    (CoD: Warzone) FAL - a DMR which outshines all the 'SMG replacements'


    There are a lot of hyped-up videos over the FAL and its buff for season 4 reloaded. They treat the weapon like a close range SMG, and ONLY viable for that. I make a rebuttal and show you a build for the FAL which works for most ranges.

    For damage values, I use the Wiki for COD: Warzone/MW app. For ADS penalty, recoil and misc stats, I use the online MW Companion Tool.

    If you're impatient, then here's the build:

    Mon, 27 Jul 2020 00:23:00 +0000

    Want to get into programming? Start here.


    This site by my former ComSci instructor is such a huge boon for anyone who yearns to code, using the Java programming language. Most schools nowadays try you with Python, but I think that's more for scripting/automation, while Java thrusts you into the Object-Oriented programming (OOP) paradigm, which is shared by the mainstream languages (C++, C#, etc.). Don't start with the CS 101 section, which uses "Alice" (it's like a kid's app) but instead, start with the CS 201 course.

    What you'll need to get started is the Eclipse (Java) development suite, as well as the Java JDK.

    Mon, 27 Jul 2020 00:06:53 +0000

    Parallels between 'racist' America and a divided Yugoslavia


    (Original reference)

    There is one topic I would like to bring up; the issue of a dividing America.

    There was a video I saw, earlier this evening, where one former Yugoslavian woman talks what is going on in America, and harrowing parallels about how her own country was balkanized (divided) around the 1980s-90s, as Yugoslavia's politicians were communists who wanted to retain power at a time when communism was frowned upon, so they rebranded themselves as national socialists. For their plan to work, they needed to divide people amongst themselves.. and since Yugoslavians look alike, but had differing religions (Christianity, Catholicism, Islam), they resorted to dividing them by religion.

    The politicians made things difficult for the varying social classes, generating resentment enough for people to believe in the doctrine that everyone should be made equal, in order to distract people from the politicians' malice and keep them voting for the so-called adults who say they want to bring the children under control. Social equality, it's a term you'll hear actively taught in schools to kids nowadays.

    Finally, all it takes are a few "spark" events, like when a member of an opposing class inevitably does some great wrong to someone of another class (read: police officer killing George Floyd) to send the country into turmoil -- the initially peaceful protests which arose turned into bloody massacres, with destruction of property, defacing statues, building barricades against law enforcement, so on and so forth. The police weren't able to de-escalate the situation, as people, social groups and entire counties turned on each other.

    It escalated into an all-out civil war, which led to 100,000 dead, and 500,000 displaced -- the country was left in shambles, and now you see Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia..

    Months ago, you might think of America as this wholly patriotic country, the land of the free and strong. But what has happened to Yugoslavia is in the midst of occurring to America, due to the democratic politicians who care nothing about their country's well-being - only keeping their positions of power. Ever wonder why Nancy Pelosi, despite her decrepit appearance, hasn't retired from being a politician? And if America falls in the same way, unlike Yugoslavia where the damage was kept within its borders; the USA has stood as the last bastion of hope for a free world with its economic and military might -- the alternative is letting the likes of China and Russia have their way.

    Sat, 25 Jul 2020 18:51:20 +0000

    On Modern (digital) Cinematography..

    [linkstandalone] I don't like it. Movies today, and around the last decade or so are shot on digital -- usually with RED or Arriflex cameras, and are processed digitally (on computers, where they're free to tinker with the lighting levels, colour hues). It's much faster, more convenient, compared with having to splice and chemically process real film.

    This is what footage would look like from a digital camera; it's very grey-ish, because all of that is residual light information as captured by the sensors, so you're left with the responsibility of having to tweak the image, so it looks appropriate to the eyes -- something like this:

    Now, in most movies, and maybe it's not something you'll pick up on if you're a casual viewer, is look how the colours tend to be muted, with maybe some underlying shadow hues (cyan or yellow-ish). It's like an cinematic Instagram filter that's slapped on to artificially establish a mood. Maybe you enjoy how 'crisp' the image looks, thanks to the high resolution, but at the same time, it's disconnected from everyday reality that you see, feel and breathe.

    The 'flatness' quality of these digital images, it also contributes to skepticism over if something in a shot is done in-camera, or artificially generated by CGI, because it doesn't look organic. Even if say, a director has proudly announced that an action scene was done for real, that Tom Cruise has actually hung himself by a plane for Rogue Nation, you don't really feel it and a part of you still thinks it was green screen.

    Let me show you something from an earlier time. This is the Wedding Singer. Look how vibrant and naturalistic the scenes feel:

    Even though it's an Adam Sandler comedy, you'll realise those images feel more true-to-life, because there's a quality to it that just breathes -- as opposed to the sterile feel of the 2010s. Here is Single White Female:

    It might bring to mind the whole "vinyl vs. FLAC/MP3" debate, but I don't think it's that. You can look at say, "Only God Forgives" which is done digitally, but has such an immersive look of neon and shadow. Rather, the crappy colour grading is a testament to the limited originality and passion you'll find in a lot of modern movies. The people who think primarily in current trends, about what has apparently worked (so many remakes/planned cinematic universes), without caring about the essential spirit or any hope for the undiscovered country.
    Fri, 24 Jul 2020 23:39:11 +0000

    Writing goals


    Something from Taleb's "Fooled by Randomness":

    Then I figured out a personal rule: for writing to be agreeable to do, the length of the piece needs to remain uncertain. If I see the end of it, or if I am subjected to the shadow of an outline, I give up. Think of it this way: would you like to know with great precision when you will die? Would you like to know who did the crime at the beginning of a murder mystery? Actually.. wouldn't it be better going into a movie not having seen trailers/promos, and not knowing the runtime?
    Fri, 24 Jul 2020 23:33:04 +0000

    Smash that wall down..

    You might imagine the writing life to be glamorous.. the images of bookshelves, the rich scent of freshly-brewed coffee by the tabletop, the dude in a warmly-lit room, typing on his MacBook Pro on Scrivener, the hopes of reaching out to so many people in the world with his vivid world and characters who breathe alive in your imagination. The likes of J. K. Rowling or George R. R. Martin, who have become household names.
    Then you come across your writing being ignored. You face indifference, apathy, and even outright rejection, as it seems like your stories carry an anemia of interest. People who lavish praise for the amount of words you've put on the page, like calories you have shed in a weight loss plan, but never bother to invest themselves in reading.
    Suddenly, you are painfully aware of it all being mere words on a page -- a combination of letters, spaces and punctuation.

    A medium so easily accessible to all who possess a keyboard, it takes no special skill or talent; all you need to do is text your bro on your phone and put a screenshot of it as a meme, slave over an essay in academia under fear of being graded, or write a BDSM about a rich, tortured man in your spare time, with a hapless girl caught under his enthrall. It can be said that artists enjoy what they do, while for writers, it's "having written."

    The idea here is to smash that wall, that distances the reader from feeling, experiencing your story. Demolish anything that impedes getting to the reader's instincts on your own terms.

    You want the reading process to be so invisible, it becomes as natural as breath, and everything besides your story fades out from awareness into an intense and unforgettable dream. In other words, you're creating a nostalgia for moments that had only existed in your heart.
    Fri, 24 Jul 2020 23:32:46 +0000

    'Sucker' - short story

    [linkstandalone] "Sucker," by Carson McCullers

    My thoughts: it's the story of Pete, who has an annoying-ass little 'brother' [technically cousin] who looks up to him, to the point where it gets irritating. At the same time, the dude has a crush on a pretty girl at school, Maybelle.. but she won't even give him any time of day, and the rejection hurts.

    In summary, she eventually warms up to Pete, and he treats his little brother likewise as images of her flood his mind with that summer's warmth. She breaks his heart though, as her feminine ambivalence sets in (#MGTOW), and she starts dating another guy.. leaving Pete in the cold. So Pete takes his feelings out on Sucker, lashing out at his brother's clinginess -- essentially turning Sucker into an angsty gangster manlet who hates his older bro's guts.

    What can I say? I've read this way back in high school, and from time to time, the short story stuck out in my mind. There's tons of times when I've read in the news that such-and-such tragedy happened, a murder-suicide, and one element which commonly occurs is the guy's girlfriend broke up with him. When you meet a beautiful girl, you can't help it -- your heart flutters in her presence as you unconsciously project all your best hopes and dreams onto her. As though she would carry you to the best places in your life.. if only you could get past her door of the law.

    "It is possible," the invisible gatekeeper goes. "But not now."

    Rationally, you'd feel waiting for the chance to see the riches beyond the door is a waste of time, but your heart compels you on, hoping you'd be the lucky one to unlock her feelings for you. Like queuing up for a match, maybe it'll be the win that'll get you to the next league. And then yes, she does let you in. It feels just as wonderful as you've hoped, getting to know the girl, and even better knowing the taste of her lips.. how warm and soft she felt, holding her in your arms (#FeelsGoodMan).

    At the same time, everything that has a beginning, has an end. That piece of heaven you've attained doesn't last forever, and a girl's heart is fickle, as you sense her love dying out, for one reason or another. She grows distant, puts you on hold. Yet no matter what you do - you could write the sweetest poems, play her favourite music or confide your heart's longings -- it doesn't rekindle, the sight of you doesn't make her happy, the way you once did back then.

    When you lose her forever, it feels like you've lost a whole world, and seems like nothing could douse the endless oceans, washing away the sandcastles you've grown in her name. It's often a common plot point when you see tragic stories regarding men. There's Cesar, in Abre los Ojos, who ends up isolated and commits suicide into a virtual reality. There's Brundle (The Fly) who tests out the teleporter out of drunken jealousy over a woman who shows interest in him. The entire story of A.I. from David's point of view is wanting his mother's love back after she leaves him in the woods, and in Cinema Paradiso, Salvatore never really recovers after leaving Elena behind in his teenage years.

    Now, I've glossed over the point of how Pete acts towards Sucker, and how their relationship mirrors how Maybelle treats Pete, yadadada. Other people have already written endlessly about that shit. But what this whole ordeal of love, attraction, adoration is, and the potential for extreme tragedy as the flip side of the coin.. it's human nature to want to find someone to wholly trust, and put your heart's faith towards. Maybe your family, a God, a close friend, your country's leaders. When attractive love comes into the mix though, you could easily dismiss it as just genetics, playing its part in wanting to reproduce, that is driving you so mad.

    But it's love. Perhaps the most purest emotion a person would have, over anything, as embodied within it is the reason to live itself. It can be argued that the opposite of love is not hate, or fear -- what you merely feel when what you love is deeply threatened -- but the sheer, absolute indifference of death, wounding the heart so deeply and painfully, needing to be conquered.

    You'd often hear how adults scoff at relationships and breakups made during school, but for kids and people who experience the need for that one girl (or guy) to look back at them, and say hello, it's a chance to be happy, to feel alive, and to feel wistful looking back, hoping it would last all the way through to summer..

    Fri, 24 Jul 2020 23:32:23 +0000

    Insync: good on paper, nightmarish execution


    Insync -- it syncs up your files to Google Drive automatically when it runs, and vice versa. Sounds good on paper for backups and keeping files the same across computers, right?

    In practice.. it's a nightmare. Not only does Insync actually hold your synced files hostage, it threatens to erase them on Google Drive and your other PCs if you happen to lose your base sync folder, or if you happen to lose your files on one PC. As well, it also ends up syncing entire folders that are outside the scope of what you originally selected, and if that happens to be your 100GB+ pictures..

    Happened to me early this morning, but luckily I kept proper backups on external drives.

    Fri, 24 Jul 2020 23:31:32 +0000

    Cancel culture?

    [linkstandalone] Your future is SJW!

    All this talk about cancel culture.. it's one thing if you don't like someone and refuse to engage with what they produce, because they did such-and-such. It becomes another level when you expect the whole world to reject them, even to the point of driving them out of their livelihood.

    I must ask, where have our lives taken us, when you need to be worried about going over your entire internet history in the case that some SJW-type gets their panties up in a twist, and brings up some comment or off-hand remark you made -- probably when you were younger, didn't know any better, from a different time. This is the type of stuff you'd expect from a totalitarian regime. Should you accept what's happening, and just get on with the times?

    I first heard of this deranged leftism when the term Social Justice Warrior was made popular from GamerGate, back around 2014. From personal experience, SJWs, despite the term, are not merely being passionate about social equality, like how black people should be elevated from their historical mistreatment -- it is more broadly speaking, they overreact.. literally losing their shit over other people (like me) who do NOT yet conform to their bigoted worldview, even to the point of pathological hatred. It can be over any issue, like story genres, all the way to virtual machine optimization and setup (yes, really -- I've gotten into this drawn-out argument on /r/VFIO with such a type.. it spoke volumes when I eventually blocked him, and found the rest of the conversation without his crap much less negative).

    Linus streamed this just yesterday.

    It's as if you're made to walk on eggshells, sensing that if you say how you really think or feel in conversation, or say whatever, you'd set them off like a bomb. What's irritating is that on the surface level, these SJWs are making a point that you can't disagree with, like having to be absolutely correct in what you say lest it's "spreading misinformation" or "That's offensive, women are being treated like dolls!" But on the broader scheme, they bully and harangue people who have power/influence into submission to their so-called values -- likely how you are seeing so many dysfunctional agenda-driven movies and ad campaigns.

    My theory is that they lack a sense of inner harmony (you never, ever get the feeling that they would just lighten up and simply relax, not when there's a whole world to destroy, and remake in their image), and so, they seek to undermine that in other people they encounter. With no harmony, you have no solid ideals to strive for, nor any valour, and the stuff they espouse can change on a whim, depending on what's convenient.

    Beheaded statues.

    When they're taking down statues of confederate generals and other historical figures over racism today, tomorrow, they'll delete accounts of unacceptable people, erase/rewrite books and literature of authors they deem unfit, tear down beautiful architecture and erect ugly modern-art pieces in their place.

    What can you do? The number one reminder that all this crap about racial/gender justice, and mass-cancelling people is total baloney - is remembering the past, when none of this was in effect, and the media wasn't guilt-tripping you into being ashamed over who you are.

    Fri, 24 Jul 2020 23:31:25 +0000

    Meow meow..


    It's the first update, which is also a test for the blog system (lb) by Luke Smith. I've put up a few stories in their entirety on the site already.

    I don't know how it's going to look down the line, but it's good because it keeps things exciting.

    There'll be more to come. (I'll put in an RSS feed so you won't miss a thing.)

    Meow meow meow, meow meow.

    Fri, 24 Jul 2020 23:31:11 +0000
    Fri, 24 Jul 2020 15:32:33 +0000